Do we need selenium supplements?


Selenium is a necessary trace element for human body.Once the body cannot absorb enough selenium,aging and diseases will come quietly.Selenium CANNOT be SYNTHESIZED BY the human body and can only be REPLENished by the outside world.However,selenium supplementation only through natural food cannot meet the needs of the human body.Therefore,selenium supplementation is necessary to maintain human health.

Why is selenium deficiency common in modern people

Regional selenium deficiency:

Seventy-two percent of China is in the selenium poor or severely low selenium zone,resulting in low selenium content in crops and people living in this area are unable to get adequate selenium supplementation through dietary channels.

Environmental pollution:

With the rapid development of economy,environmental pollution in modern society has not been fundamentally improved.The passive inhalation of lead,mercury,cadmium,arsenic,thallium,tin and other heavy metals will cause harm to human body,accelerate the metabolism of selenium in the body,and lead to selenium deficiency in human body.

Bad living habits:

Men ARE MORE ADDICTED TO TOBACCO AND ALCOHOL,BECAUSE DRINKING will speed up the metabolism OF selenium in the body(especially liver,kidney),cadmium in cigarettes and other harmful substances have antagonistic effect on selenium,so long-term smokers and drinkers lack selenium in the body.

Staple foods are too fine:

Selenium is often filtered and stripped away in the elaborate processing of modern staple foods.

Decreased immune function:

Modern people's work pressure,mental tension,irregular life,resulting in the decline of immune function,so modern people can regulate the immune function of selenium demand is increasing.

How much selenium the body needs every day

Like other essential nutrients,selenium plays an important role in the body.Selenium to maintain human health,less is no good,less will cause deficiency disease;Again,too much is no good,too much can cause selenium poisoning.

Studies on selenium requirements have focused on adults.According to the Dietary Nutrient Reference Intake of Chinese Residents(2013 edition)compiled by the Chinese Nutrition Society,the recommended daily intake for children and adults aged 14 years and above is 60 micrograms per person,65 micrograms for pregnant women and 78 micrograms for lactating mothers,and 400 micrograms for adults over 18 years of age.The recommended intake for children is reduced accordingly.

Which foods are rich in selenium

The selenium content of plant foods is greatly influenced by the geographical environment,and locally produced foods with high selenium content in the soil will have high selenium content.Enshi Hubei and Ziyang Shaanxi Province belong to high selenium area,local grain crops such as high selenium content.The selenium content of animal foods is also affected by the place of origin,but relatively little.Animals have self-adjustment function,selenium deficiency,increase the body storage of selenium;When selenium is too much,it increases the discharge of selenium.

Generally speaking,common selenium rich food such as:oyster,sea cucumber,fresh mussel,fresh shellfish,crab,sea shrimp,razor clam,peas,octopus,dried mushrooms,herring,loach,eel,mutton,lentils,river shrimp,pig liver,cod,giniko,pork,lean beef,etc.

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