"Ocean culture" is a culture derived from the ocean. In essence, it is a process of human beings' continuous understanding of the ocean and better utilization of Marine resources. It is also a product of the interactive relationship between people and the ocean. The rich and colorful Marine folk customs, Marine beliefs, Marine cultural landscape, and even Marine archaeology are all manifestations of Marine culture.


The vast ocean is free, mysterious and unpredictable. It is a symbol of strength and wisdom, and a home for mankind. Life comes from the oceans, which are the greatest treasure house of resources on Earth. Marine culture has accompanied almost the entire evolution of human beings. Thousands of years of history have enabled human beings to create an all-encompassing Marine culture.


The free and unrestrained sea endowed its people with a strong sense of power, freedom, strong sense of competition and pioneering spirit, which made the ocean culture more open, adventurous, pioneering and enterprising than the inland culture. The process of human modernization started from the sea, which is described in the Rise of Great Powers. In the past 500 years, no other world power emerged from the sea. Now is an era of the ocean, the broad ocean contains far more abundant resources than the land, only on the step of the ocean culture, our nation can better stand in the world.


The Chinese nation is one of the main creators of the Marine culture of mankind. The land where our ancestors live is surrounded by the sea on both sides of the southeast and has a coastline of 18,000 kilometers. Such conditions give birth to our time-rich Marine culture. Archeology shows that human activities have been observed in the coastal areas of China as early as the Paleolithic Age. From the 3rd century BC to the 15th century AD, the ancient Chinese navigation industry and navigation technology, has been the world's leading level. Zheng He's seven voyages to the Western seas opened up the Asian-African maritime route, which was the first peak in the history of human navigation. And "the sea does not leave the water, so it can become its big", "long wind and waves will sometimes, straight hanging cloud sail to the sea" can prove our ancestors of the profound understanding of Marine culture and heroic feelings.


However, it is a pity that after Zheng He, when we went into seclusion, we began to stay away from the sea, and we also missed the first bus of the rise of the sea. Even today, we can still feel the words of the great Chinese navigator Zheng He 600 years ago: "If you want to make a country strong and powerful, you must not ignore the sea. Where wealth is taken, danger comes from the sea..." .


Is worthy of the Chinese people rejoice today we gradual deepening, the study of Marine culture and explore the island culture, Marine culture, Marine literature, Marine tourism, Marine economy, Marine environmental culture and Marine military culture, Marine science research and the Marine cultural heritage protection began to be taken seriously, people more eager to know, concerned about the ocean sea, We will build and promote Marine culture so that the ocean will bring more benefits to us.


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