Yantai Jiahui - "Clarification of transparent sea cucumber oligopeptide preparation technology and industrialization" patent navigation project


The patent navigation industry development project--"Clarification and industrialization of transparent sea cucumber oligopeptide preparation technology"was successfully accepted on April 26,2019,the day of World Intellectual Property Day.

With THE CONCEPT OF"SPREADING Marine CULTURE AND SERVING HUMAN HEALTH",YANTAI JIAHUI IS COMMITTED TO THE RESEARCH AND development OF Marine biological health products,extracting all kinds of active substances in Marine organisms and producing a series of Marine health food,hoping to make a contribution to human health.

Our company has long been engaged in industry-university-research cooperation with Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences,Ocean University of China,Yantai Coastal Zone Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other scientific research institutes.At the same time,we have professional R&D laboratories and a group of highly educated R&D technical personnel.On the basis of the existing technical level of the industry,the efficient green preparation technology of Marine oligopeptides was established through joint research and industrial collaborative innovation.After continuous product testing and process improvement,the product indicators meet the relevant national standards and requirements,the quality of the domestic leading level.

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