The collagen thing


Although oral collagen-like peptide products are still very popular,they have also been questioned by consumers recently.Everyone is asking whether oral collagen peptide really has an effect,whether it is really helpful for beauty,and whether there are any side effects.

Several concepts

Protein:The material basis of all life activities.Molecular weight is usually in the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands,depending on the type of protein.

Amino acid:Constitute the basic unit of protein,constitute the basic amino acid of the body has 18 kinds.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body,accounting for 25%~30%of the total protein in the body,equivalent to 6%of body weight.The normal human body loses about 1%of its collagen each year as we age.

Peptide:A protein fragment containing between 2 and 50 amino acids.Molecular weight below 10,000 daltons.

Oligopeptide:AN oligOPEPTIDE CONSISTING of 2 to 10 amino acids WITH A molecular weight of less than 3000 DALtons.

A few questions

First,oral collagen and eating eggs,drinking milk and so on no difference?

The essence of this question is:can you eat eggs and drink milk instead of taking collagen orally?Collagen cannot be the same as proteins in eggs and milk because they differ in the types,quantities,and proportions of amino acids.

At present,the ingredients in most cosmetic oral liquid or powder products are no longer macromolecular collagen,but collagen peptide made by enzymatic hydrolysis technology,which is easier to digest and absorb.The protein in eggs and milk is still whole protein.

Oral collagen is mainly used to make up for the deficiency of amino acids required for the synthesis of collagen by the body due to an unbalanced diet.At this point,apparently,oral collagen is more targeted than eating eggs and drinking milk.Of course,we should note that collagen products are not necessities of life,but in the case of possible dietary imbalance or protein deficiency,it is still very beneficial to take it as a supplement to the daily diet and eat it with foods such as eggs and milk.

Second,fish collagen peptide is easier to absorb than food protein?

Fish collagen peptide is made of fish skin or fish scales,through the hydrolysis process has been able to achieve molecular weight below 3000 Dalton,is actually a polypeptide.It is well established that peptides are absorbed directly into the digestive tract,into the blood,and even into the skin(although the mechanism of action is not known,nor is it directly involved in the synthesis of collagen in the skin).If you get the same amount of collagen from your diet,you have to eat a lot of food.From this point of view,oral collagen products have their benefits.

Three,eat pig trotters to supplement collagen more reliable?

The structure of collagen determines its strong toughness.Although collagen is abundant in pig trotters,it is still difficult for human gastrointestinal tract to digest it after conventional cooking,let alone good absorption.Therefore,although collagen is abundant in the body of animals,in the past,humans could only look at"collagen"and helplessly put it into the list of"waste"that is not edible.

Four,collagen is a kind of inferior protein?

Collagen is an incomplete protein,but incomplete protein is not inferior protein.The classification of proteins as complete,semi-complete and incomplete is merely an objective term,not good or bad.Because collagen lacks tryptophan(an essential amino acid),it is an incomplete protein,so it is not scientific to label it as a"poor protein".

In addition,this idea also has to do with the fact that it is difficult to absorb after regular cooking.However,with the maturation of enzymatic hydrolysis technology,the problem of collagen digestion and absorption has been completely solved.Moreover,a large number of studies have confirmed that appropriate supplementation of collagen oligopeptides on the basis of daily diet can significantly improve the nutritional health status of some tissues and organs,such as promoting postoperative wound healing;Promote the repair of bone and joint injury;Improve the health of the skin and so on.It's not reasonable or scientific to call it a bad protein at this point.

Five,oral collagen peptide can be"beauty"?

Rather than beauty,oral collagen peptide can increase the health of the skin,taking collagen peptide to improve the health of the skin,at least the following aspects:1.Helps keep skin hydrated;2.Help to remove melasma;3.Helps to increase skin elasticity and luster;4.It helps slow down skin aging.

Among them,the first and second functions are the functional category of health food can be approved in China.All of these effects have been confirmed in animal or human studies.Although the mechanism of action in each aspect is not fully understood,it is possible that oral collagen peptides can improve skin health and thus achieve certain cosmetic effects.

6.Are there any hormones in collagen?

Pure collagen is hormone-free,and add hormones for what?Estrogen can indeed make the skin delicate,but the side effects are greater,when the skin has not begun to become delicate,other side effects have appeared,such as irregular menstruation,long spots,but also cause some melasma.So it's not wise to add hormones to collagen.In addition,if there are other ingredients added to the formal product,it must be clearly labeled.

In Europe and the United States,collagen is used as a health supplement to enhance health and prevent disease,and the composition is simple,no other additives.

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