Talk about common mistakes with collagen


Nowadays,many women are taking collagen,but there are a few mistakes that people make when taking collagen.On the one hand,the wrong method wastes collagen products,on the other hand,it will not produce results.Here are a few points I hope to give ladies as a reference.

Not on an empty stomach

When taken on an empty stomach,collagen is metabolized as"energy,"so that little of it is absorbed by the body(especially the skin)as nutrients,resulting in a waste of collagen.You can add collagen peptide powder to milk,soy milk or eggs to take together,which can not only add energy,but also supplement other nutrients.

Pay attention to the content and dosage

There are many collagen brands,and the collagen content and dosage of products of different brands vary greatly.Take it strictly according to the doctor's advice.A large dose may be harmful to the body,while a small dose will not work.Generally,the daily dosage of pure powdered collagen products is about 6 grams.

Eat right

Nutrition should be balanced,including sugar,fat and vitamins and minerals(including micronutrients)when taking collagen.When taking extra protein,consider whether other nutrients are also deficient.


The best way to supplement nutrition is to eat supplements.Natural food tastes good,is full of nutrients and is cheap.Of course,oral collagen combined with VC and other nutrients is a good way to supplement collagen,but it is not necessary to take more,the appropriate amount of supplementation is the best.When it comes to collagen supplementation,we should not expect too much.Collagen is just a nutritious food,not a panacea.

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