A smart woman's health regimen treats collagen rationally


Taking collagen for skin care has its admirers and its doubters.So can collagen really help women take care of their skin?Perhaps it is worth referring to the view of Japanese scholars:"Collagen is not as magic as imagined,but its effect on skin maintenance is indisputable."

A rod kills collagen

Have Japanese scholars said in an interview:there are many doctors and scholars in China are misunderstood collagen,they simply to comment on collagen from medical Angle,and ignore the life science including genomics,proteomics and the development and application of peptide medicine,in the absence of any scientific data and experimental evidence,that the value of the collagen and eggs,This is disrespectful to science.

Excessive superstition and reliance on collagen

Collagen is misunderstood not only by some experts but also by many female consumers.Perhaps it is because some businesses over-advertise collagen.Many female consumers think collagen is a panacea,and if they eat collagen,they can turn from an ugly duckling into a swan.This is a serious misunderstanding of collagen.This exaggerated superstition is not only bad for women's own skin care,but also affects the collagen market.Just think,when you take collagen with high hopes,but it doesn't work as expected,don't you feel cheated?

Collagen is effective in improving the condition of the skin

Collagen skin care certainly works,but it's not a panacea.Numerous studies at home and abroad have shown that oral collagen can be fully absorbed by the human body and act on the skin in a targeted manner to promote the synthesis of collagen in the skin and generate new collagen,thus effectively improving the appearance of the skin such as moisture content and texture.At the same time,studies have also confirmed that oral collagen peptide can inhibit UVB-induced skin damage and help fragile skin repair.

It is worth reminding that improving and repairing your skin does not mean that eating it will make your skin look young forever.It means that taking collagen for a long time will improve the condition of your skin,slow down the aging of your skin,and make you look younger than your age or your actual age.

When collagen can take effect is also the focus of attention.Some experts point out that good collagen takes 20 to 30 days to show initial results.Although a series of biochemical reactions begin after you drink collagen,it takes time for collagen to be absorbed and synthesized,and it also takes time for it to take effect.In addition,the purity and quality of the product will affect the time to effect.To be sure,taking collagen is unlikely to produce instant results.

It is not wrong for women to love beauty,nor is it wrong for collagen.Learn to look at things rationally and enjoy the skin care effect of collagen in a calm manner.Then,if you are younger than 90%of your peers,why not?

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