Professor Li Bafang talks about collagen


Although the collagen industry has repeatedly been in trouble,but this is related to the lack of standards in the domestic collagen industry,not to collagen itself.Professor Li Bafang from Ocean University of China has summarized five characteristics of collagen on several occasions.


It can provide nutrients for skin,bone and other collagen-rich tissues,especially keep the moisture and fiber structure of skin stratum corneum intact,improve the living environment of skin cells and promote the metabolism of skin tissue,so as to achieve the purpose of moisturizing skin,delaying aging,beauty,wrinkle removal and hair care.


Collagen has a good affinity for the skin,small molecules are easy to penetrate the skin,easy to skin absorption.


Because collagen has a good affinity with surrounding tissues,it can repair damaged tissues,which is particularly important in wound healing.

Moisturizing effect:

Because collagen contains a large number of hydrophilic genes(hydroxyl,amino,etc.),it can lock a large amount of water in the skin,achieve moisturizing effect,so as to keep the skin and hair moist.


Collagen can adjust and stabilize pH,stabilize foam,emulsify colloids.At the same time,as a functional component,collagen can also reduce the damage of skin and hair caused by various surfactants,acids,alkalis and other irritating substances in cosmetics.

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