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Fish bone collagen peptide

Yantai JIAHUI FISH BONE PEPTIDE WITH DEEP SEA COD FISH BONE as raw material, to eliminate the infection of animal disease and hormone problems, to ensure THE safety and purity OF FISH bone peptide products, do not contain any additives. At the same time, fish bone peptide pretreatment slag discharge, degreasing process, obtained the national patent, patent No. 201610524186.X.



Product details

Product name:fish bone collagen peptide

Ingredients:Fishbone peptide powder,maltodextrin,peach powder,citric acid,sucralose(edible for diabetics)

Dosage:1 bag,1-2 times a day

Product specifications:5g×30

Storage condition:cool dry,sealed store

Shelf life:18 months

Product standard code:Q/YJH 0007S

Product type:easy to prepare food

Manufacturer:Yantai Jiahui Marine Biotechnology Co.,LTD

Key words: small molecule active peptide powder, Marine peptide powder, protein peptide powder