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Tuna complex peptide powder

Tuna complex peptide



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Product name: Tuna Complex peptide


Ingredients: Tuna oligopeptide powder, fish collagen peptide powder, West Indian cherry juice powder, peach fruit powder,
Fructose oligosaccharides, erythritol, fucoidan, DL-malic acid, citric acid, Sodium citrate, sucralose


How to eat and dosage: Take it with warm water, 2 times a day, 1 bag each time


Specification: 4g×30


Storage conditions: cool and dry, sealed and stored


Shelf life: 18 months


Product standard code: Q/YJH 0007S


Product type: Easy to prepare food


Manufacturer: Yantai Jiahui Marine Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Key words: small molecule active peptide powder, Marine peptide powder, protein peptide powder