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Oyster oligopeptide powder

Oyster oligopeptides retain the original nutrients in oysters to the greatest extent, such as taurine, arginine, zinc, selenium, etc. contained in oysters, which are more easily absorbed and utilized by the human body than single amino acids or proteins.


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Oyster oligopeptide powder

Oyster oligopeptide powder


【Product name】 Oyster Oligopeptide Powder


【Ingredients】 Oyster meat


【Ingredients】 Oyster Oligopeptide Powder


【Food Production License Number】 SC10737063600734


【Product properties】 Powder


【Product introduction】 Oyster oligopeptide is based on fresh oyster meat as raw material, hydrolyzed by protease, isolated and purified to obtain small molecule active peptides, and at the same time rich in taurine, arginine, zinc, selenium and other active ingredients coexist hydrolysates.


【Product description】 Oysters are known as "ocean milk” and are one of the first foods approved by the Ministry of Health of my country with medicinal value and health effects.Oyster oligopeptide can maximize the retention of the original nutrients in oysters, such as the trace elements zinc, selenium and taurine contained in oysters, which are more easily absorbed and utilized by the human body than a single amino acid or protein, which can play an important biological activity in human metabolism.


【Precautions for taking】 Oyster oligopeptide powder will have a faint taste of oysters when taken directly. Those who are not used to this taste can mix oyster peptides in any food for consumption, such as milk, porridge, juice, water, etc.Once a day, 0.5g-1g each time.


【Peptide content】>50%


【Conventional packaging】 5kg/bag, can be packed according to customer requirements.


【Storage conditions】 Store in a cool, dry and sealed place

Oyster peptide solution

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