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Sea cucumber peptide powder I

Sea cucumber peptide refers to the hydrolysis product obtained from the body wall of sea cucumber as raw material, hydrolyzed by protease, separated and purified, mainly oligopeptide, sea cucumber polysaccharides, saponins and other active ingredients coexist.Sea cucumber peptides have the advantages of good water solubility, good stability and easy absorption, and have a higher biological potency than ordinary sea cucumber products.


Product details

Sea ginseng powder I solution


Sea cucumber peptide I


【Product name】 Sea Cucumber Peptide Powder I


【Raw material】 Sea cucumber


【Ingredients】 Sea Cucumber Peptide Powder


【Food Production License Number】 SC10737063600734


【Product properties】 Powder


【Product Introduction】 Sea cucumber peptide powder I (clear and transparent sea cucumber peptide powder) is based on wild sea cucumber as raw material, and the product does not have any additives.After dissolution, the product is a light yellow, clear and transparent solution, which is suitable for the production of nutritious food for flushing.


【Precautions】 Sea cucumber peptides are rich in nutrients and rich in glycopeptides, so they are easy to absorb moisture and breed bacteria. Therefore, you should pay attention to hygiene when eating and storing. Please store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight, and store in a sealed manner.


【Precautions for taking】 Sea cucumber peptides will have a faint fishy smell when taken directly. This is a normal phenomenon. Those who are not used to this taste can mix sea cucumber peptides in any food for consumption, such as milk, porridge, juice, water, etc.Once a day, 0.5g-1g each time.


【Peptide content】>50%


【Lead (mg/kg)】<0.05


【Inorganic arsenic (mg/kg)】<0.08


【Methylmercury (mg/kg)】<0.05


【Conventional packaging】 5kg/bag, can be packed according to customer requirements.


【Storage conditions】 Store in a cool, dry and sealed place

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